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Soil & Seed Garden at The Farm at South Mountain is an organic-style garden providing unique and local vegetation.

This lush garden located at the back of The Farm produces seasonal specialty vegetables, herbs and edible flowers year-round. The three restaurants on The Farm property (Morning Glory Café, The Farm Kitchen and Quiessence) all create delicious, fresh menu items from the Soil & Seed Garden harvests.

Each season, the Soil & Seed Garden beds are planned by Chef Dustin Christofolo to produce an array of unique, specialty produce. A team of growers cultivate the produce through sustainable growing practices. From Delicata Squash to Sugar Snap Peas, Soil & Seed Garden at The Farm grows seasonal produce that is showcased in creative ways at Arizona’s original garden-to-table restaurants at The Farm.

This strategic planning creates a synergy between the garden and the restaurants that is defined in the delicious cuisine that guests enjoy daily at The Farm.  The restaurants at The Farm are supplied with mindfully harvested produce; providing the freshest ingredients to be utilized in the menus created for each restaurant. An unparalleled garden-to-table experience.

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Dustin Christofolo
Dustin ChristofoloExecutive Chef

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What’s Growing at The Farm?

Each season the chefs and growers collaborate on the bountiful and beautiful garden beds throughout the property. In order for The Farm restaurants to obtain the freshest produce possible, the chefs are heavily in touch with seasonal items that are native and unique to Arizona. This collaboration between the chefs and growers provides one of the most distinctive garden-to-table concepts in the state. Come down to The Farm to see what we’re growing!