Charitable Donations

*Please note, submitting a request does not guarantee a donation.

1 – The Farm at South Mountain supports a number of charitable and fundraising causes in partnership with our clients, venues, and community organizations that we are involved with.

2 – We have a large base of social and corporate clients and we generally support causes that our clients are involved in.

3 – An annual donation budget is set in our Marketing Plan and our participation is based on the budgeted amount.

4 – Each proposal is examined on its own merits, but we generally only support ventures that are nonprofit.

5 – Request for donations must be made through the adjacent form. Other forms of submission will not be considered during our review process. Proposals will be reviewed monthly and we will contact you after the review period if it is a fit for our mission.

6 – A numbered and signed gift certificate containing all the details will be issued for any event that we support. The gift certificate will be the bidder/winner’s method of claiming the prize.